Tom Cruise And Keri Russell Trek Rumors

Star Trek may not be done star effing. That is if you count Eric Bana, Simon Pegg, and John Cho as stars. When measured against past Trek alums like Linda Park or Connor Trinier, I think you have to. Whatever your feelings on the current cast, tonight’s bits of Trek rumor are about undeniably celeb-worthy names.

First up is Tom Cruise, who’s name has long been bandied about in connection with JJ Abrams’ Star Trek prequel, probably because of their Mission: Impossible III connection. The last Trek rumor Cruise was attached to had him potentially doing a cameo in the film as Christopher Pike, captain of the Enterprise before James T. Kirk took over and also known as that guy who ended up confined to a box with a blinking light.

Well, the folks over at Empire caught up with Cruise promoting his new movie Lions for Lambs and got him to deny everything. Tom says, “What? No, I'm not in that. Nope. It's just rumour.” Apparently he was doing some sort of British accent, since when spoken in American “rumor” is not spelled with a “u”.

Now that we’ve put those Tom Cruise rumours to rest, time to raise some new rumors. Our friends over at TrekMovie have plucked a quote from Waitress star Keri Russell out of TV Guide in which she makes it pretty clear that someone over at Paramount is trying to get her beamed on board the Enterprise. Of course all the major bridge positions have been filled, but she may end up doing some sort of extended cameo. Kirk needs someone to sleep with after all. I wonder how Felicity would look painted green? She says, “We were trying to work something out already, but I don’t think that is going to work out…but something may work out.

TrekMovie speculates that she could up for something more substantial, Abrams has said before that the movie would contain several “strong” female roles. They suggest the part of Number One, the original first officer of the Enterprise who was played by Majel Barret in the show’s unaired pilot “The Cage”. Or, there’s always Majel Barrett’s other classic Trek character, Spock obsessed Nurse Chapel. Or maybe she’s Jim Kirk’s long lost love from Star Trek II, Carol Marcus. That would make sense if this is the awful Starfleet Academy flick some fear. Personally I’m still rooting for her to end up as an Orion slave girl. There’s something sexy about green.

Josh Tyler