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Top Gun 2 is one of those sequels that seems to occupy a permanent state of possibility. Just when we’re ready to throw in the towel on the further adventures of ace pilot Maverick, some reporter will ask Tom Cruise or Tony Scott what the latest information happens to be, and they’ll say just enough to get our collective hopes up.

Get ready to get excited once again. (via MovieHole) says that the actor was spotted at the Naval Air Station in Fallon, Nevada in preparation for Top Gun 2. NAS officials did confirm that Cruise was researching for the point of reprising his role of Maverick, but did not go into any more details.

It’s unclear whether or not Scott is returning to direct the sequel to his 1986 hit, Top Gun, though MovieHole did have details on Peter Craig and Christopher McQuarrie’s screenplay. The story reportedly will take into account the advancements in Naval technology, centering on the robot drones used by our military in hostile territories. Of course, Maverick can’t be bothered with these drones. He’s one of the last few fighter pilots using “old school” planes … namely, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (according to MH).

Cruise just wrapped shooting on Joseph Kosinski’s Obvlivion, and planned to make the sci-fi thriller All You Need is Kill with The Bourne Identity helmer Doug Liman. But Cruise is a noted perfectionist, and we wouldn’t be surprised in the least to find out that he just wanted to follow up on a plot point of script development for Top Gun 2 while he had some down time. He can next be seen in December’s Jack Reacher, and MovieHole suggests that he will shoot Top Gun 2 before diving into Mission: Impossible for a fifth time.

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