Tony Stark's Best One-Liners: The Iron Man Supercut

Who knew that superheroes could be really, really funny in movies? Sure, it seems totally plausible now, in this post-Avengers world, but when Iron Man emerged in 2008-- the same summer that Batman went darker than ever in The Dark Knight-- Tony Stark and his endless arsenal of quips seemed like a revelation. By casting the quick-witted Robert Downey Jr. and giving him a lot of good lines, Marvel created the energetic superhero that we didn't really even know we needed.

As you may have heard in many rave reviews, Tony Stark's quips are better than quicker than ever in Iron Man 3, thanks to the influence of new writer/director Shane Black. So we're celebrating some of Tony Stark's best moments from all three Iron Man movies as well as The Avengers.

After you've watched the above video, join us in the comments to talk about any of your favorites that we might have left out-- and after you've seen Iron Man 3 this weekend, tell us your favorite jokes from the new one too.