The Trailer For The Deadpool Trailer Is Obscene And Hilarious

Move over, red capes. Deadpool is coming! Deadpool is coming! As we reported earlier, two new trailers for next year’s Deadpool movie are expected to drop on Tuesday, as Ryan Reynolds just confirmed with this hilarious short video posted to the film’s Facebook page:

As you can tell, Ryan Reynolds is totally in on the joke of promoting one’s movie with a teaser for an actual trailer, digging at the process by stating he’s "a post-modern asshole" for even sharing a trailer for a trailer. At least it wasn’t a 7-second Vine with footage of a trailer that still won’t drop for at least 24 hours.

This clip primarily is the footage that 20th Century Fox used to open the Deadpool portion of the San Diego Comic-Con panel. Only, instead of talk of the trailer dropping, in the moments after the pipe falls out of Ryan Reynolds’ mouth, it was (if I remember correctly), a toss to an introduction of the cast. But it was the same visual cue, with Deadpool sitting in the chair, addressing the crowd and attacking X-Men: Origins – Wolverine for "inexplicably [sewing] his fucking mouth shut the first time." Trust us, folks. That isn’t happening a second time!

This clip perfectly sets the tone from what I believe you can expect from Tim Miller’s Deadpool, which will attempt to course-correct everything that went wrong with Wade Wilson when he was first introduced in the Wolverine movie. As Reynolds notes, that version of the beloved anti-hero got pretty much everything wrong, but this project is coming from a team who fully understands the character, and fought extremely hard to get a proper Deadpool origin story made.

From what we saw in the Comic-Con trailer (and what you’ll likely see on Tuesday), Wade (Ryan Reynolds) is a former Special Forces Operative who, after being diagnosed with cancer, agrees to a rare treatment that turns him into a super-powered being. The one thing he doesn’t lose, thankfully, is his sense of humor. Deadpool fought long and hard to bring an R-rated vision of the comic-book character to the big screen, and even this hint of a trailer to the trailer suggests that Miller and Reynolds are bringing the right attitude to the screen next February.

We will have plenty more on Deadpool when the trailers drop on Tuesday. The movie will finally open in theaters on February 12, 2016.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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