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If your instant answer to “Would you go see a movie in which Jessica Biel plays a stripper?” is “yes,” then this trailer might be just a little too classy for you. The preview for Powder Blue features a shot of Ray Liotta’s butt and a few shots of most of Biel’s, but doesn’t scream “Stripper movie!”.

With a few seconds of Oscar Winner Forrest Whitaker in the preview, it is clear that the marketing campaign for Powder Blue is more Closer than Striptease, which is a shame for all of those rabid fans of Biel’s body. Although the trailer, at JoeBlo.com, is mostly tasteful montage, it does dissipate into a few raunchy strip shots towards the end, so hang in there.

With the likes of Patrick Swayze, Lisa Kudrow, Kris Kristofferson, Whitaker and Liotta, this film is shaping up to look like the must see emotive stripper movie of 2009. Just don’t ask me what that creepy “papa” line at then end of the trailer is referring to, because I can’t tell you. I’m hopping she’s talking about the jukebox and not a song to strip to. But, who knows, maybe it is that kind of flick.

Here's the trailer: