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Finally! After a frustratingly vague teaser and a similarly bewildering first trailer, Pixar has finally unleashed a look at Brave that gives us some real insight into its first female protagonist! In its earlier promotional efforts we got that she was a Scottish princess with crazy curly hair and some sharp archery skills, chafing at the confines of her role as a lady. Yet these vids were so dedicated to displaying Pixar's lush design work, colorful characters and goofy sight gags that Brave's plot remained largely a mystery, as did Merida. But now, with their latest trailer (courtesy of iTunes), we finally get a real window into who this plucky princess is!

It's really more of a clip than a trailer, but unlike most movie clips that tend to suffer for lack of context, this one not only is crystal clear in its concept but also deftly display who Merida is. Here a trio of uninspiring young men competes in an archery contest to prove their worth and potentially win Merida's hand in marriage. For her part, Merida sits next to her father, privately mocking these galoots while dressed in the confining finery required of a princess. Her gorgeous and unruly hair is restrained by a modest headpiece, and her limbs are restricted by her shiny gown. But once the bows are dropped (or thrown) and the arrows fly, Merida has her say on this tradition by raising her own bow! And she then pulls off some Robin Hood: Men in Tights realness. In this moment she comes into her own.

Once more we get a look at Brave's incredible art design, comedic tone and quirky characters, but this time we get something we can really sink our teeth into. Here she is: the heroine Pixar fans have been waiting for! She's fierce, funny, rebellious, and above all brave.

Brave hits theaters June 22nd.

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