Trailer For The Shamwow Guy's Underground Comedy Movie With Lindsay Lohan

The Shamwow guy has made a movie. Yes, the actual Shamwow guy, and it has a trailer. Underground Comedy 2010 stars and was written and directed by Shamwow pitch man Vince Offer. Before you dismiss this as just some piece of crap that’ll only ever be shown to his friends or as a throw-in when you buy one of his super-absorbent towels, you should probably know that it also stars Lindsay Lohan, Michael Clarke Duncan (as the gay virgin no less) and Bobby Lee (I think he’s playing Dickman). It’s more some piece of crap that will actually show up in theaters.

The film seems to be a collection of short comedy skits, probably a riff on or a sequel to the 1999 flick Underground Comedy 1999 which did pretty much the same thing and was also a Vince Offer production and also inexplicably starred Michael Clarke Duncan as “the gay virgin”. Actually if I had to hazard a guess, it looks like Underground Comedy 2010 will incorporate some footage used in the 1999 movie, along with new footage featuring the likes of Lohan blasting away at the paparazzi. Lohan’s scenes, at least, were completed right before her 90-day prison sentence. If you look closely, you’ll see she’s wearing a “Scram Bracelet”

So here’s the trailer for Underground Comedy 2010, probably the most utterly ridiculous thing you’ll watch this week.


When is it being released? I don’t know. The movie’s official site promises a vague fall release date, but doesn’t commit to anything. If it is released theatrically, it probably won’t be very wide. If you’re interested, better plan on waiting around for the DVD.

Josh Tyler