Traditionally, the most recognized documentaries are those that go out of their way to expose corruption, recount the downfall of a person, place, or regime, or convince viewers to eat better food. Waking Sleeping Beauty looks to come from a less familiar angle, showcasing how a floundering Disney Animation studio from 1984 to 1994 was turned around by the hard work and dedication of a few writers and artists willing to give up their personal lives in the name of Disney.

Not that fun and positive documentaries don’t exist, just last year Man on Wire took home the Oscar, but in a world dominated by films like The Cove and Sicko, it’s nice to see a doc come through that showcases something uplifting. Waking Sleeping Beauty will surely be an interesting look into the world of a game-changing studio, so all you Disneyphiles prepare yourselves to be invited in to see a whole new world.

Check out the trailer below or in glorious HD over at Apple.

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