Tron 3 May Resurrect Ram, First Trailer Details

Last week we heard vague rumblings indicating that the teaser trailer for Tron 3 might show up on the Blu-ray release of Tron: Legacy. This might seem strange, in light of the fact that they don’t even have a script for the next Tron installment yet, much less any footage shot and in the can they can show audiences. But that’s how they did it with Tron: Legacy, debuting a specially made teaser before the film had even been greenlit. In that context, it sort of makes sense and now, maybe we even know what that teaser will show.

AICN claims to have spoken to someone involved with shooting the teaser who offered in-depth details on what it’ll contain. Is this spoiler material? Is it possible to spoiler a teaser trailer? I don’t think so, so you’ll get no warning from us. Here’s a few of the highlights which their scooper says will show up in the Tron 3 teaser, which will contain three different scenes:

One scene includes not only Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley but Dan Shor as Ram, one of the hero characters from the original film who never made it into Tron: Legacy. The idea behind Ram’s inclusion is that he was behind the “Flynn Lives” viral marketing campaign which rampaged out here in the real world before the release of Tron: Legacy in theaters. There’s some notion that the Ram we see in the teaser isn’t a program, but the real life programmer who created Ram in the original Tron movie.

AICN’s description is a little confusing here, but serious Tron fans know Ram’s user is only seen very briefly in the 1982 movie. If you rewatch that film (assuming Disney ever re-releases it on DVD), he’s the guy who offers Alan popcorn while they’re hanging out in cubicles at Encom. Apparently, Flynn took to calling the real world guy “Ram”, in honor of his program, who died in the battle to defeat the MCP while Flynn was in the computer world back in 1982.

The second scene involves Oliva Wilde’s Quorra character, who after the first movie, is now out in the real world. She’s being accosted by the press, because she’s spotted riding Sam Flynn’s bike, and Sam as the owner of Encom is sort of famous.

The third scene involves text screens in which the Dillingers, father and son (played by Cillian Murphy in Tron: Legacy) discuss the way everything’s going as planned. That makes sense, the inclusion of Cillian Murphy as the son of Ed Dillinger had to pay off in some way. Having him as the villain for the sequel is the only way to go.

That seems to be all we’ll get, and while that sounds good, it’s worth noting that it’s all basically character driven. A strange move on a teaser for a film that doesn’t actually exist yet. Remember the original Tron: Legacy teaser, released before the film had a script, didn’t actually contain any plot. It was more of an FX test, a wild lightcycle chase which in the end, had nothing to do with Tron: Legacy at all but still took anyone who saw it on a completely wild ride.

Just in case you’ve forgotten it, here’s another look at that first Tron 2.0 teaser Disney first showed us at Comic Con way back in 2008.

Josh Tyler