Tron: Legacy Contains At Least 15 Geeky References

As my personal ties to the original Tron stop at being annoyed Disney was actively trying to prevent me from seeing it (they failed), this next story doesn't exactly ring home. That being said, some of you out there are obsessed, and for those of you that can't get enough of Jeff Bridges inside a computer, you might want to pay special attention.

The nice people over at io9 have gone through and meticulously documented fifteen references embedded inside Tron: Legacy. Not all of them are shoutouts to the 1982 original, but every last one is super nerdy. For example: did you know there's a reference to the 80s video game movie War Games? Here's a breakdown a few more of the least obvious ones:

In 1989, Kevin Flynn hums Wendy Carlos' theme to Tron as he plays with Sam's action figures.Tron Legacy screenwriter Edward Kitsis recently told io9, "Right in the beginning, when Alan meets Sam in his container-house apartment, Sam changes his shirt. This is very similar to the scene in the first film when Alan comes to the arcade, and Flynn goes upstairs to change his shirt."At the End of Line Club, watch out for Steven Lisberger as a bartenderFlynn's Arcade is on Mead Street, which a reference to influential Tron designer Syd Mead.At one point, you can see a "Dumont Shipping" sign at Sam's apartment. This is a shout out to Dumont, the tower guardian from the original film.Kitsis, who was a scriptwriter for Lost, revealed, "I'm told that the Lost numbers are hidden somewhere in Tron Legacy."You can see a poster for the 1979 Disney scifi flick The Black Hole in Sam's room in the beginning of the film. Tron Legacy director Joe Kosinski is helming a remake of The Black Hole.

Click on over to io9 to read the rest.

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