Twilight Fans Drive Emma Roberts Off Twitter For Choosing Team Jacob

It doesn't matter if you love or hate the Twilight franchise, at this point you've definitely chosen a side between Team Edward and Team Jacob. Me? Based on the movies, my only experience with the story, I'm Team Jacob, because Taylor Lautner actually has more than one emotion in the films.

Someone else on my side is Emma Roberts who recently proclaimed to Jay Leno that she is Team Jacob, even with Robert Pattinson sitting next to her. A brave soul to be sure. According to the NY Daily News however, Team Edward didn't take to kindly to someone opposing them on national television. So what did they do? Well they verbally assaulted her via her Twitter account, of course. The 19-year-old actress was so bombarded by hatred and negativity in 140 characters that she closed her account, surely causing the millions of Twi-hards to throw up their pale arms in victory and hiss into the night through store-bought fangs.

I've accepted Twilight. I wouldn't say we're friends, but we're amiable acquaintances at this point and I'm excited to meet it's third iteration later this month. But what are you guys thinking, Twihards?! A bit of over the top fandom is totally acceptable, but getting violent with your words against someone you don't even know is a little silly.

This hardly qualifies as movie news, but I felt that it should be posted as a wake up call to those uber-fans who might get a little too rambunctious online about Twilight. What's really funny is that probably half of the people sending venom Roberts' way were old enough to be her mom. That's just a guess, but Twi-moms are vicious about their hunky teen idols. Anyway, how about you knock it off? Besides, everyone can tell that Jacob is way more awesome than Edward anyway.

inb4 Team Edward flame war.