In Time, the new futuristic thriller starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, comes to theaters next week, but you'll be forgiven if you forgot that entirely. Ever since it showed off footage at Comic Con that was completely overshadowed by Rise of the Planet of the Apes, then released a seemingly endless, very spoilery series of trailers, all giving off the air of a potential blockbuster that couldn't find a way to market itself. Now the movie's release is less than two weeks away, and we're getting our first look at two actual clips from the movie, which could go a long way toward clearing up exactly what this movie is about and why it's worth seeing. Check them out below, via Yahoo:

The first clip actually does a good job of clarifying the central conceit of the movie, which is that it takes place in a future where time, not money, is the new currency. When Vincent Kartheiser, a.k.a. Pete Campbell, says he's been 25 years old for 85 years, he means it literally-- everyone is born with 25 years to live, and the only way to live longer is to buy it. Of course, that bit of dialogue also comes with some clunky exposition-- "knowing only a random act of violence can take your life"-- so we also know that there's some awkward dialogue in there too. Then Justin Timberlake runs away with Amanda Seyfried and the action gets pretty interesting, but I can't really make sense of her asking "Do you even know how to drive a car?" when he's pulling off the kind of elaborate driving stunt that even the Fast and Furious guys would admire. Isn't the evidence right in front of you, lady?

I've been cautiously looking forward to In Time for a while now, as someone with a weakness for dystopian future sci-fi, but the lack of marketing and these so-so clips have me a little worried. What about you guys though-- are you looking forward to the movie any more now that you've gotten a closer look at it?

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