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Up In The Air Featurette: Behind Jason Reitman's Genius

No matter how many great things you’ve heard about Up in the Air, no matter how many times I tell you it’s the best movie of the year, it will still exceed almost all of your expectations. I promise. And a big part of the reason it’s so great is director Jason Reitman who, with each and every film he makes, finds new and unheard of levels of brilliance. Good as his other films have been in the past, much as you might have liked Juno or Thank You For Smoking, Up in the Air is the next step for him and it’s his best.

Paramount has just sent out a new Up in the Air featurette which gives you a window into just how Jason Reitman’s mind worked, and how he approached making Up in the Air. In part it’s his offbeat sense of humor, in part it’s George Clooney whom he specifically wrote the part for. But mostly I think it’s simply that he’s a Reitman and great filmmaking is in his DNA. Some things just can’t be taught.

Watch Up in the Air’s Jason Reitman featurette: