New Valhalla Rising Trailer Is Ominous As Hell

We haven't heard much out of the Valhalla Rising camp for the past few months, not since they released a sneak peak which wasn't much of a trailer as it was a montage of people killing the shit out of each other. The film comes from Nicolas Winding Refn who is emerging as one of the most unique film makers working today and should definitely be on your radar in the coming years if he isn't already. His shaky but stylistically solid film Bronson is well worth a watch and Valhalla Rising is promising to bring even more to the table.

This new trailer for the film was just released over at Apple, and while it isn't as straight up brutal as the sneak peak, it's nice to get a little bit more story out of a preview. Mads Mikkelson is currently on my "can do no wrong" list after seeing him rock the shit out of some Germans in Flame and Citron (available on Netflix Instant Watch), and this film will only elevate him to the top tier of pure badassery.

Check out the trailer below or head over to Apple to watch the trailer in glorious HD (yet somehow it loads in 4:3). Prepare yourself for battle on July 16th.