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Vera Farmiga is fresh off a fairly thankless gig in Source Code, playing the CIA operative supervising Jake Gyllenhaal as he travels, over and over again, to the last 8 minutes before a fatal train crash. Now it looks like she's doing the exact thing again; Deadline reports she's signed on to Safe House, in which she'll play "a CIA operative supervising [Ryan] Reynolds' character." Granted, this time the main guy is shepherding a criminal (Denzel Washington) to safety and not traveling into someone else's mind, but the similarities are more than a little bizarre.

My theory on Farmiga's role in Source Code is that she only took it in order to make the money to fund her directorial debut Higher Ground, which premiered at Sundance and is also currently playing the Tribeca Film Festival. If her role in this one really is as similar to Source Code as it sounds, maybe the Safe House paycheck will go toward making even more interesting independent film? Or hey, maybe it'll actually be a worthwhile role this time. Safe House is currently shooting under director Daniel Espinosa (the Swedish thriller Snabba Cash).
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