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Veronica Mars Breaks Kickstarter Record For Most Backers

In case you haven't already noticed, people seem to be pretty damn excited by the idea of a Veronica Mars movie. When the project was first brought to Kickstarter last month it immediately shattered records, collecting over $1 million - half of its goal - in just five hours. Since then we've seen plenty of exciting things about the project pop up, from a plot description to plans for San Diego Comic Con, but today we have more good news about the hotly-anticipated feature.

Show creator Rob Thomas has revealed on his Twitter feed that Veronica Mars now has more backers than any other project in Kickstarter history. While the previous record was previously held by the video game Double Fine Adventure with 87,142, at the time I am writing this post the movie has reached 88, 190 backers who have donated a total of $5,547,190.

Said Thomas after the record was broken, "We did it! We did it! This is amazing! You all are amazing! My phone is vibrating non-stop. This is so much fun!" The showrunner then joked to fans that he may stop the Kickstarter when it reaches 90909 backers (a reference to the fictional zip code that the rich kid characters of the show reside in) and sent out a message to the former record holder.

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This is actually the last day that fans can donate to the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign, as it will all come to a close at 11:00pm EDT tonight. So if you want to give money to the project and become eligible for some pretty cool rewards, donate now!

Eric Eisenberg
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