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It’s so funny when men wear dresses and the best thing about when Tyler Perry does it, is that it’s not a sin. See when Tyler Perry puts on a pair of purple, ruffled panties, it’s only to bring people closer to the Lord. Plus he’s also dressed as an unattractive, elderly fat woman, so you know it’s not a sexual thing. So unlike say Ru Paul or your random Marilyn Monroe impersonator he’s not going to hell, because he’s cross dressing for Jesus. When Madea Goes To Jail hits theaters in a few weeks, you’ll be able to sit back and force yourself to be amused at his preachy sense of humor mixed with thinly veiled proselytizing, guilt free while imagining Milton Berle burning in hell. Everything feels uplifting and safe when Tyler Perry does it.

So praise be! Watch five new clips from Madea Goes To Jail right now by scrolling down. Who needs church when you have a man in a sundress?