If you followed my coverage from the Sundance Film Festival in January, you may have noticed the series of video blogs that I recorded with Matt Patches, my fellow Operation Kino podcaster and Movies Editor at Hollywood.com. Those were distinctly handmade affairs, as we set up a Flip cam on whatever flat surface we could find and stood out on a field in the snow, generally with our hands freezing off. So when we found ourselves together again in the completely different location of Carefree, Arizona, doing interviews at the junket for John Carter, it was hard to resist using their fancy camera to record another video blog, this one about the experience of being at the most lavish junket either of us had ever seen.

As you might be able to tell in the video below, it's a hard thing to describe. At the time we weren't allowed to talk about John Carter the movie at all-- and reviews are still under embargo-- so we were left to talk about the experience of interviewing Andrew Stanton, Taylor Kitsch and company in the unspeakably gorgeous resort setting just north of Phoenix. Take a look at the video below to see how we did.

As promised, each of us will have much, much more John Carter material in the time between now and the movie's release on March 9-- I have 1:1 interviews with Taylor Kitsch and Dominic West, plus TV-style video interviews with the entire cast, and we'll also be reviewing the film on that week's episode of Operation Kino. But hopefully this video gives a slight glimpse behind the scenes of the madness of a junket-- and also a look at how great Patches and I look when filmed with a legitimate camera.

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