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With Grindhouse a week away, footage from the film is flowing fast and furious on to the internet. Below are a bunch of really cool clips from the film, which recently dropped on iFilm. Some of the clips contain footage you’ve probably already seen, but several of them are brand spanking new. If you’re hungry for the full QT/Rodriguez double feature experience, you’ll probably want to click the play buttons. But it’s only a week away, why spoil it now?

Who am I kidding? You’re already clicking aren’t you?

Planet Terror – Rose McGowan Tries Out Her Leg

Planet Terror – Rose McGowan Kicks Ass

Planet Terror – Quentin Tarantino: The Rapist

Planet Terror – Bruce Willis Kicks Ass

Planet Terror – Contaminated Tongue

Planet Terror – Especially If Its Your Dad

Death Proof – Kurt Russell Turns Left

Death Proof – Hood Surfing