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To date, Vin Diesel’s plan for the mostly deceased Riddick franchise has been to talk about it as if a sequel will happen any minute, even though no such sequel exists. Or does it? Either he’s taken his Riddick delusions to new heights or a new Chronicles of Riddick really is going down since today he posted this update on his Facebook page:

The Riddick team is in New Zealand location scouting already... that's exciting.

Couple of possibilities here. Maybe “The Riddick Team” is actually the name of some sort of circus stunt team Vin Diesel has recently joined and they’re planning to fly to New Zealand and jump over a bunch of sheep. Or maybe Vin has somehow confused “Riddick” with “Hobbit” and he’s actually talking about Peter Jackson’s new Middle Earth movie. Or maybe someone is actually funding a new Chronicles of Riddick movie even though the last one was a mega-flop and even though any subsequent movie will probably result in much the same miniscule box office take. Hey I liked both Riddick movies so I’m all for it. Bring on another box office disaster.

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