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It's hard to believe it's been six years since Wedding Crashers came out, both because it makes me feel terribly, terribly old and because the Owen Wilson-Vince Vaughn comedy still somehow feels fresh, a version of The Hangover that didn't mutate into an awful sequel, and got to stand on its own, remembered as perfectly hilarious and left for a zillion re-watches on TBS. They're still, thank god, not working on a Wedding Crashers sequel, but Vaughn and Wilson are finally ready to star in a film together again; according to Vulture, Vaughn's script Interns is headed to 20th Century Fox, with Vaughn and Wilson set to star and Shawn Levy directing.

Levy is best known for his kid-friendly Night at the Museum series, but he and Vaughn worked together on this summer's comedy Neighborhood Watch, which has a more adult aim, so it seems safe to assume he's branching out further in that direction. Wilson and Vaughn will once again be playing a pair of buddies, but this time as recently fired company men who get laid off and decide to start their careers over as interns at a fancy dotcom. Thrown into the mix with a bunch of 22-year-olds… what 40-something lecherous guy wouldn't want that? Vulture points out that the old-meets-young premise sounds even more like Old School, and given that Vaughn has hinted at a sequel to that one for years now, maybe we can hope that Interns helps him get that out of his system and move on to more new ideas.

With Neighborhood Watch coming to theaters July 27, that ought to be the best evidence of what we can expect from Levy when he skews his comedy a bit more toward adults-- albeit adults with very, very juvenile senses of humor. But from where I stand, an unofficial Wedding Crashers sounds like a pretty good idea. How about you guys?

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