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Vinnie Jones Versus Rambo

It's clear by now that Vinnie Jones is a completely one-dimensional actor. Luckily, that one dimension is a lot of badass, and perfectly suited for the likes of a new Rambo sequel. Rumor has it, that's exactly where he may end up.

Moviehole has picked up an interview at a site called VG Net in which they say Vinnie tells them that he'll start work on Rambo IV: In the Serpent's Eye before Christmas. Don't bother trying to confirm it unless you want to wrestle with online translator algorithms, the entire site is in Norwegian.

If true, this is good news both for the new Rambo and for Vinnie Jones. Having Vinnie on board can only help the movie's credibility, and let's face it, the guy is great with really big guns. For Vinnie, this is his chance to redeem himself for that one-note performance in Ratner's disappointing X-Men 3. He was the Juggernaut bitch.

Vinnie Jones is currently hard at work on next summer's new Rush Hour sequel with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Before you see him in that, he has parts in no fewer than four other upcoming movies.