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War Horse is a sprawling, epic story with just one central character, a gorgeous and strong-willed horse named Joey. But since the horse wasn't available for interviews, I wound up talking to the humans with slightly smaller roles in the film-- Emily Watson and Jeremy Irvine, who play a mother and son on a small farm in the English countryside, and Tom Hiddleston, Patrick Kennedy and Toby Kebbell, who play British soldiers enlisted in the fight in France. Jeremy Irvine's character Albert is Joey's first owner, and when Joey is sold to the British military he falls into the hands of Hiddleston's character, Captain Nicholls, who vows to look after Joey. Albert eventually enlists himself, and his and Joey's stories eventually link back up after the two experience all the horrors of the war.

But the horrors of war were only part of the experience of working on the film, which required the actors to get used to working with actors and listening to cinematographer Janusz Kaminskis horse impressions. See more about that and everything else in these two on camera interviews below-- first with Watson and Irvine, then with Hiddleston, Kennedy and Kebbell. War Horse is in theaters now.