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New War Horse Trailer Demands That You Be Brave

Steven Spielberg's War Horse is still looking like one of the most sure bets this winter for both audiences and Oscars, based solely on the fact that even the poster can make you well up with tears. Now there's a new UK trailer for the film that debuted over at Empire Online, so get your heartstrings ready to be tugged on while you watch it embedded below.

It shows a few new shots, including more stunning wartime photography, but follows the same basic format of the first American trailer, which makes sense given the fairly simple plot of a boy separated from his beloved horse during World War I. Given that it's a British story War Horse will likely have a lot more patriotic power over there, which could explain the reliance on the wartime photography-- I especially like that shot of Benedict Cumberbatch as a soldier on horseback shouting "Be brave!" But really, this looks like the kind of movie that plays no matter who you are, no matter where you are. There's a reason a lot of very smart people are predicting it could win Best Picture, even when nobody has seen it yet.

War Horse isn't coming to UK theaters until January, but we're getting it a bit sooner in the States-- DreamWorks recently bumped up the release date to December 25, opening on Christmas Day opposite The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo of all things. As much as I'm looking forward to both of them, I think we all know which will be the family favorite of the holidays.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend