The Warcraft Trailer Is Beautiful And Thrilling

We got teased earlier in the week that our first real look at the Warcraft movie was on its way. As part of Activision Blizzard’s Blizzcon the first trailer has now been officially released and we’ve had our first real look at the long-gestating CGI world of Azeroth. It’s big and bold and quite pretty. Check it out for yourself.

The world of the orcs is under attack and they find themselves in the realm of man looking for a new home. Man, as it turns out, is not particularly interested in sharing their world with these "beasts." Whatever it is that’s put the orcs on the run is not resting however, and in order for any of them to survive the two sides must join together to fight this new threat.

Well, we can’t say they haven’t gone big. While this movie is obviously taking several cues from The Lord of the Rings in terms of its style the fact that the orcs are major characters rather than simply enemies to be defeated makes their realism vital. Overall we’re impressed. It was a bit concerning at first that we never really see the orcs and people in the same shot. While we only ever get a single brief shot of the two together, the shot we do get works well enough.

image description

The baby orc in one scene is very green which is noticeable because the rest of the creatures don’t really look that way. They look like real creatures, not cartoons. Seriously, that baby is jarring though.

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Duncan Jones has been promising not just a good movie but a great move for two full years. Expectations have been high enough simply because the property was so well known but Legendary Pictures wants to turn Warcraft into the next big fantasy epic. They’ve certainly created a unique world here replete with all of the people and creatures one is likely to come across while traversing the World of Warcraft. The scene with the flying mount is like something straight out of the game though it looks significantly more badass than it does on the PC.

Now that you’ve had your first real look at Warcraft are you ready to travel to Azeroth?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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