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You ever get the impression the studios are just messing with us now. It used to be that our first look at a film would be a teaser trailer. A short clip that would give us little to no information about a film, other than make us aware it existed. Now, trailers have become such a big deal in the progress of a movie that we now get trailer teasers. These are even shorter clips that inform us that we’ll get to see a longer clip sometime soon and try to build excitement for the trailer alone. Commercials for commercials essentially. Alright, you win. I’m in. The trailer teaser for the Warcraft movie has been released and I’m officially on board.
Fantasy landscape? Check. Warriors doing battle? Yup. Epic flying mounts. You bet. Ok, this Warcraft movie might be everything it’s cracked up to be after all. While we won’t be seeing the full trailer until Friday, this teaser is certainly a step in the appropriate direction. If you’ve been waiting to see what a Warcraft movie would actually look like, even this 15 seconds is enough to give you a solid idea. While we’ll have to wait and see if the massive amount of CGI holds up to long-term viewing, the world certainly appears vivid and real. We even get a quick glimpse of who we’re going to assume is Orgrim, though he’s mostly in shadow, and even that looks amazing.

While most movies that take this long to get to the screen are stuck in development hell, Warcraft has been in full development for years. The technical aspects of the movie are such that it simply has taken this long to get the film in a state for people to see it. Even before current director Duncan Jones began work on this version of the film, the idea of making a film based on the Warcraft game series has been on Hollywood’s to-do list.

As big as the games World of Warcraft especially are, this was a significantly difficult undertaking. So much of the life and character of the MMO comes from the people that play it rather than the game's actual characters and story, so trying to turn the game into a movie seemed impossible. One way or another, it appears to have happened. Hopefully Friday’s reveal will give us a bit more to go on.

Does the teaser get you excited for the Warcraft movie? Does it look like the epic film you knew it would be, or does it fill you with confidence you were lacking before?

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