Warner Bros. Developing Two Separate Tarzan Projects

While it also points out the complete lack of creativity in today's Hollywood, sometimes it's fun to watch studios develop similarly themed projects at the exact same time. Take, for example, the three way battle between Universal, Relativity Media and Disney to get a version of Snow White into production. Sure, it's practically impossible to remember which one is directed by whom and which plot fits with which title, but anytime you can imagine studio heads worrying in their offices it's a good thing. That said, this is a very peculiar story.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros., which has been trying to get a Tarzan project off the ground for years now, is trying something new by commissioning two separate scripts about the legendary jungle man that will be written simultaneously. The first project will be written by Adam Cozad, who wrote the original script for the new Jack Ryan movie (which is currently being rewritten by David Koepp), while the studio has also entered talks with Craig Brewer, writer/director of Black Snake Moan and Hustle and Flow, about writing his version of the character.

Deadline actually says that this isn't a rare occurrence and that when the time comes, the better script will be chosen and the rejected script will become a potential sequel. Hollywood is a strange place, don't ya think?

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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