With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 now playing in theaters around the globe and set to arrive in U.S. theaters next week, there are undoubtedly hundreds if not thousands of fans bursting with questions about webslinger. Fortunately, Sony has orchestrated a chance for webheads to do just that. The studio has launched a Google Hangout with the cast and crew of the new comic book movie, which can be used to not only ask questions but also purchase tickets. You can watch the show running above!

In between dance interruptions from Kid President, the 30 minute show is packed with a good amount of inside info about the making of the film, from the extremely long process of getting Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan into their respective villain suits to when we might finally get to meet the new version of J. Jonah Jameson. You can also watch Foxx artfully duck a question about his potential role in the upcoming Sinister Six movie, while also hinting that he may be helpful in the evil supergroup powering some kind of large device (though he may just be using his imagination)

Directed by Marc Webb and based on a script by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 finds Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) in the middle of a very complicated point in his life. Not only is he just starting to get into the swing of things as his superhero alter-ego, he must also deal with the fact that he is graduating from high school, sees the return of his childhood best friend Harry Osborn (Dane Dehaan) and must keep his promise to Captain Stacey (Denis Leary) that he would stay away from his daughter Gwen (Emma Stone). Things only get more complicated when an OsCorp employee named Max Dillion (Jamie Foxx) is involved in an experiment that turns him into Electro, an electricity-powered villain who Spider-Man must stop from destroying New York City.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters here in the United States on May 2nd. We have tons of Spidey-related coverage coming for you coming up soon, so be sure to stay tuned. In the meantime, take another peek at the film's final trailer and the most recent clip:

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