Watch Ant-Man Join Team Captain America In Hilarious Civil War Clip

The events of Captain America: Civil War are fairly serious business. That doesn’t mean, however, that the movie is entirely without a sense of humor. When you’ve got Ant-Man on your team, you know there are going to be some funny moments. A new clip has been released, which show’s Paul Rudd's character meeting the rest of his team for the first time. It turns out, he’s sort of a fanboy. Check it out.

It has been strongly implied ever since the end credits sequence in Ant-Man that Scott Lang would be called on by Team Captain America. In this scene, that debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live, it turns out he won’t be needed to get them out of that particular predicament, as Bucky Barnes appears to be fine in this sequence. The rest of the team has apparently already assembled when Hawkeye arrives with the newest member of the team. Ant-Man is so excited to meet Captain America that he’s just stuck in a perpetual handshaking loop. We can’t say we blame him. Meeting Captain America is probably pretty cool.

We know that Ant-Man is present for the big action sequence that takes place on an airport tarmac in Germany, as that has been a major part of all of the trailers to date. We’re guessing that’s where this parking garage in the scene is located. It explains why Scott Lang asks what timezone he’s in, and the fact that he apparently needs some coffee. Hawkeye has pulled him out of wherever he was, (Ant-Man was set in San Francisco) and brought him to wherever the rest of the team is hiding out. While it doesn’t appear he was brought against his will, one does get the impression this was done quickly and quietly, and possibly without warning to Scott Lang. Since Ant-Man has not previously been an Avenger, and only Falcon has had a direct run-in with him (that didn’t go well) the most interesting question here is why is Captain America so sure that Scott Lang will be on their side? We’re guessing that right after this clip ends, there's some awkward dialogue between Ant-Man and Falcon about the last time they met.

With every new clip, we get that much closer to the eventual release of Captain America: Civil War. The early buzz is already quite positive, and that just makes us that much more excited. How much are you looking forward to Captain America: Civil War?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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