Why Paul Rudd Pulled His Dick Out For Michael Douglas

Ant-Man not only marks the debut of Marvel’s tiniest superhero on the big screen, it’s also the first time stars Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas worked together. Understandably honored to be working with a legend, Rudd has gone on record saying that he still tried to be himself around Douglas. This resulted in a number of shenanigans behind the scenes, including that time Rudd pulled his penis out while Douglas was filming a scene. Well, he tried to anyway. Sorry, let’s provide some context to this situation.

The Anchorman actor set the stage of this story last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon by mentioning that it took place on Douglas’ last day of filming during one of his close-ups. Wanting to have one last bit of fun, Rudd tried to "Basic Instinct" Douglas, referring to Sharon Stone’s infamous scene in the 1992 thriller when she crossed her legs in a tight white dress and flashed her vagina to Douglas’ character. Arriving onto the set wearing a T-shirt and jeans, Rudd ditched the pants and sat down, and using his shirt to cover his junk, planned on doing his own leg cross off camera while Douglas delivered his lines. Unfortunately for Rudd, things didn’t work out as planned.

Rudd realized that as he sat down, the waistband of his boxers were going push "everything" back up. This forced the comedic performer to pull his shirt down and try to get the goods out while Douglas recited lines. Rudd admits he should have stopped at that point, because the end result was it looking like he was pleasuring himself to Michael Douglas giving a monologue. Douglas then looked over and bluntly asked, "What are you, a fucking pervert?" Rudd explained what he had been trying to do, and Douglas simply responded, "Oh, okay."

Way to take that in stride, Michael Douglas. The actor doesn’t seem like the type that frazzles easily, and with Basic Instinct being 23-years-old, he’s likely seen some weird stuff in reference to that scene. That said, if Rudd tried to pull that stunt at the start of the Ant-Man shoot, Douglas would likely have been more freaked out and had a private word with director Peyton Reed about his costar’s behavior.

You can watch Rudd tell the story for himself, body movements and all, in the clip below.

While Ant-Man (most likely) won’t feature Scott Lang flashing Hank Pym, you can see Rudd and Douglas together when the film hits theaters on Friday.

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