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One of the action sequences that we’ve seen repeatedly in promotional material and trailers for Captain America: Civil War has been a foot chase between Bucky Barnes, Black Panther, and Captain America. The three chase each other into a tunnel and run past, and over, numerous cars while they do it. Now, we have some new footage from the sequence, as part of an Audi commercial set from the perspective of one of the cars in the tunnel.

The first and most obvious question after viewing this, is how exactly does every single person in this city afford to drive an Audi? It makes some sense that the government vehicles chasing the superheroes would all be the same make and model, they buy in bulk obviously. However, the ad shows us that the car Captain America commanders is also an Audi, as is at least one of the vehicles they run past... as it’s the same car used for the cutaway shots that were filmed for the actual commercial. Sometimes product placement can get a little out of hand.

Overuse of the Audi logo aside, we do get some new looks at this chase sequence that we haven’t seen before. We’ve seen that Black Panther is in pursuit of Bucky, while Captain America is in pursuit of Black Panther. It appears, however, that Cap starts to fall behind as he eventually grabs a car, whose driver mysteriously vanishes, probably due to edits for the commercial, in order to catch up. This allows him to catch up to (and eventually pass) the Black Panther, who then jumps on board the car himself. It’s actually an odd sequence. We see that Bucky Barnes is actually running faster than the traffic, though Panther and Cap are not. It appears the upgrades that Hydra gave the Winter Soldier were a significant improvement over those that Captain America received.

Apparently the big budget superhero movie is the newest, best place to advertise your car, and include new film footage. We saw a similar thing happen with Jeep in regards to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, when the car company wanted to be sure that we knew what car Bruce Wayne prefers to drive.

Does this make you want to go out and buy an Audi? Let us know if you find this method of advertising effective in the comments.

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