Watch Bryan Cranston Dive Back Into The Drug World In The Infiltrator Trailer

Summer is usually the season of superheroes and giant monsters when it comes to movie screens. However, there’s always room someplace for great actors and exciting stories. The Infiltrator stars Bryan Cranston and it gets him back into the world of illicit drugs. However, this time, it’s a different decade, and he’s on a different side. Check out the first trailer.

You don’t often see a movie that hits in the box office boom of the summer season, while also looking like it might be testing the waters of the awards season, but these days whenever you have Bryan Cranston involved, you have to wonder. The Infiltrator tells the story of a 1986 drug sting that attempted to take down the notorious trafficker Pablo Escobar. Bryan Cranston stars as Robert "Bob" Mazur, the lead undercover agent on the case. John Leguizamo and Diane Kruger play his partners. From the trailer the film looks tense and exciting. It will certainly be a different sort of summer movie than we’re used to receiving, Much more serious in tone, though it doesn't look to be skimping on the action.

Playing an undercover agent or any other character in a film who isn’t quite who they appear to be always comes with added difficulties. The actor isn’t just playing one part but actually two. On top of that, you have to play the undercover part in a way that’s believable to the other characters on screen, while still looking like an "act" to the audience in the theater. It takes a certain degree of skill and nuance to pull it off just right. However, as we’ve seen with Bryan Cranston in recent years, he’s certainly capable of doing so.

As the trailer takes a moment to point out, the 1980’s were the era in which the United States took notice of drugs in a big way. Nancy Reagan’s Just Say No campaign was the public face of a major push to try and do something about drugs. However, drugs were also very big business, which lead to the sorts of conflicts that we see in The Infiltrator. If the film is any indication, things didn’t always go well for the enforcement side.

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What do you think of the trailer for The Infiltrator? Will you be adding this to your summer movie list. The Infiltrator hits theaters July 15.

Dirk Libbey
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