Watch The Entire Biff Tannen Museum Video From Back To The Future 2

Even though the new Back to the Future Blu-ray is loaded with tons of extra content, it’s really only the tip of the iceberg. There’s still so much out there that we’ve never seen. For instance there’s almost an entire movie’s worth of footage, in which Eric Stoltz plays Marty McFly. And there’s this: The entire Biff Tannen Museum video from Back to the Future: Part 2.

You’ll recall that in BTTF 2 Marty McFly goes back to his own time only to discover that the timeline has been altered. Hill Valley is now more akin to Hell Valley and not only is his father George dead, but Biff Tannen runs everything. One of the first things Marty encounters is the Biff Tannen museum where, out front, a video plays detailing Biff’s successes. You get a few glimpses at it in the movie, enough to let you know that Biff got rich gambling and that he’s now married to Marty’s mother Lorraine. But the full video is nearly three and a half minutes long, and it’s been put online in its entirety for the first time by


Josh Tyler