Watch The Entire Marvel Studios Comic-Con Panel

Comic-Con is over, and all the biggest news from the event-- the new title for The Avengers 2, the role Benicio del Toro will play in Guardians of the Galaxy, the Superman-Batman showdown-- have been chewed over by us endlessly. But that doesn't mean it's not worth revisiting the hype and excitement one last time, by watching the entire Marvel Studios panel in the video above.

Sure, we already brought you crisper video of Tom Hiddleston onstage as Loki and of the Guardians of the Galaxy cast united onstage, but there's something about seeing the entire panel as it happens-- complete with endless audience screams and rounds of applause for each actor. You can see why actors return each year to Comic-Con, or why Joss Whedon-- who pops up at the very tail end of this video-- has three or four panels each year. The attention has to be addictive. I mean, Tom Hiddleston, a legitimately trained and great actor, can't keep a straight face when lording over the audience as Loki. Who wouldn't smile after making an audience go that crazy?

Obviously the footage isn't part of this video-- Comic-Con is incredibly strict about video recording during exclusive footage, and even though we might be jealous, there's really no reason to want your first look at a movie to be crappy cell phone footage from inside a convention center. But that's why rely on the people who actually got to be inside to report back to us, and Eric and Sean-- who were both in Hall H-- have been raving about what they saw, even the new footage from Thor: The Dark World, which already has a trailer out there and could easily have been much less impressive than the bigger surprises.

For more baldfaced geeking out over this very panel, you can check out the video reaction that Eric and Sean recorded at the bottom of this post. Our Comic-Con coverage is pretty much wrapped, but we'll also have one final piece running down our favorite moments of the Con-- and yes, the Marvel panel will figure pretty heavily in there too. You can also check out the Guardians of the Galaxy props that were on display in the exhibit hall, read Joss Whedon's confirmation that Ant-Man won't be part of Avengers: Age of Ultron, some hilarious revelations from the press conference after the panel, and for the real minute-to-minute rundown, Eric's detailed liveblog. It's the most Marvel Studios news we're likely to get at once until next year's Comic-Con, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend