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Watch The Foo Fighters Turn The Ice Bucket Challenge Into A Brilliant Horror Homage

Sooner or later, we’ll stop sharing all of these celebrity ice bucket challenges. I promise. But the trend won’t stop today, primarily because Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters took the ALS charity event / viral-video bonanza to a new level. Watch what we believe is the best of the ice bucket challenges, to date:

And with that, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters win the global ice bucket challenge, hands down. How do you top a brilliant Carrie homage? Grohl even calls out Carrie author Stephen King and original Carrie star John Travolta at the start of his clip. We can only hope that Travolta answers with an homage to one of his classic roles. Can he call out Olivia Newton-John before dumping a bucket of Grease over his head? Or maybe he can shout out to Nicolas Cage in a Face/Off-inspired challenge video? Knowing Travolta’s filmography, the possibilities are endless.

Back to the Foo Fighters’ inspired video. The band bypasses Kimberly Peirce’s serviceable Carrie remake and goes right to the 1976 Carrie adaptation, using recognizable audio from the infamous prom scene, where Sissy Spacek gets doused by pig blood, not freezing-cold water. "They’re all gonna laugh at you!" It looks like this:

Kudos to the Foos for stepping up this game, investing the time, energy, resources and imagination that elevates the simple act of dumping cold water on one’s head. Of course, if you have seen any of the band’s many videos, you know how creative they can be. I’ve long argued that Dave Grohl could thrive as a movie star… you know, if he wasn’t so damn talented as a rock god.

Dave Grohl calls out Jack Black (whom he drummed with in Tenacious D) and Stephen King in his video. The two have done videos already. Here is J.B.’s:

Here is King’s "chilling" effort:

So, Mr. Grohl, why didn’t you call out Brian De Palma?

Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

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