"Criminals, misfits and thugs" are headed into theaters August 1st. Above is yet another look at Guardians Of The Galaxy, Marvel's great big summer offering, debuting on Facebook before premiering on television for World Cup fans. This latest TV ad emphasizes the clarity of the premise – the universe is in trouble, and only one ragtag team of individuals can save them. Recruited by the Nova Corps, the Guardians leap into action.

There's a ton of action here, a lot of it involving the absolutely adorable breakout duo of Rocket Raccoon and Groot. There's also quite a few fireballs being dodged here, while Gamora silently engages in hand-to-hand combat. While Chris Pratt's Star-Lord gets a few quips in there, you feel bad for Dave Bautista's hulking Drax, who hasn't had much to say or do in these recent ads. Now you know why Jason Momoa bailed on this role. Hopefully Aquaman gives him a little more to do.

And more pop music! The original trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy spotlighted Hooked On A Feeling by Blue Swede, and a later clip showcased Norman Greenbaum's Spirit In The Sky. Clearly James Gunn and company are aiming for a classic rock feel, an intriguing audio motif that continues here with the Runaways' Cherry Bomb. Given the pop-readiness of comic book characters, it's a surprise that comic movies are so averse to pop music since the days of Prince doing the Batdance. Iron Man cranked AC/DC, but that was abandoned by the third movie, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier didn't have nearly enough Trouble Man for our liking. Here's The Runaways played by Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart playing Cherry Bomb in the biopic The Runaways.

This TV trailer also spotlights the expansive supporting cast of the film. The villains are downplayed, sadly, so no Ronan, no Collector and obviously no Thanos. But there's Glenn Close as the leader of the Nova Corps, as well as John C. Reilly's Rhomann Dey. And, of course, Peter Serafinowicz, one of the funniest people alive, continues to grab some solid screentime in the early footage. You hope he and his famous timber get to say something memorable during the film.

We could use some more villains, though. Particularly Benicio Del Toro's The Collector, who has been practically hidden from audiences despite already popping up in the $644 million-grossing Thor: The Dark World. Uh, hello? This guy has an Oscar, remember?

Guardians Of The Galaxy saves the summer on August 1st.

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