Watch Harrison Ford Confront Chewbacca On Jimmy Kimmel Live

There was drama on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, when 42 star Harrison Ford sat down at the ABC talk show to be interviewed. You have to figure that Harrison Ford gets asked Star Wars fans quite often when he's interviewed. He expressed some reluctance the moment Kimmel brought up the subject of Star Wars, which prompted Kimmel to send the interview out to the audience, where a few (amusingly staged) Star Wars fanatics were waiting to ask questions.

EW shared the above segment, which was lighthearted and fun until Han Solo's beloved sidekick Chewbacca stood up to ask a question. There's some bad blood (and fur) between these two guys, as Ford made evident the moment he saw the wookiee. "You son of a bitch," Ford growled, and then responded to one of Chewy's objections with, "You're the one who couldn't keep it in your furry pants!" Of course, Chewy doesn't have pants - a fact that Kimmel pointed out - but that only seemed to prove Ford's point.

"He knows what he did," Ford went on, in disgust. "You wookiee sack of s---." And then he stormed off, first telling Chewy he'd see him in hell. Drama! And no Leia in sight to defend her own alleged actions. Funny stuff!

It's a great week for some Star Wars humor. Tonight on Parks and Recreations (9:00 p.m. ET on NBC), Patton Oswalt will deliver what may be the most bizarre pitch we'll ever hear for the Star Wars sequel during a filibuster his character has planned for Pawnee.

Back to Ford, for those looking forward to 42, here's the clip they showed during the episode, as well as another part of the interview Ford did with Kimmel, during which he talks about the new movie.

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