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With award season chock full of celebrities doing endless press to promote their buzzed about films, it's very important that they follow their media training. Avoid taboo topics. Don't fuel any rumors about any feuds real or imagined. Don't say anything that could start any rumors period. For women, this also extends into trying to be endlessly graceful and poised. But part of the reason we love Jennifer Lawrence is she is pretty much terrible at all of the above.

Following her 2011 nomination for Winter's Bone, this was Lawrence's second time as an Academy Award nominee. And as we saw at last night's ceremony, she's still rough around the edges, just like we like her! After nearly face-planting in her billowing—but totally beautiful—gown, she made her way to the stage, joked that the standing ovation she received was pity for her fall, then gave a sweet speech before rushing backstage to meet the barrage of questions in the post-Oscar press room. There she spoke with Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos, and got ambushed by a well-intentioned Jack Nicholson. It's awesome. Check it out below:

If you've been reading coverage of Lawrence, you probably know she is a major star who hasn't quite adjusted to meeting celebrities yet. While some cynically suspect antics like this are her edgy way to draw attention, I think these geeky outbursts are sincere, which may be because I've had my own embarrassing celebrity encounters. Though I tend to roll my eyes at the "Celebrities are Just Like Us" splash pages, in the way of geek outs over meeting your idols, Jennifer Lawrence really is just like us.