Watch The James Bond Tribute The Oscars Should Have Done

In the chaos of attempting to liveblog the Oscars and keep the list of winners updated and everything else, I completely forgot about the brief tribute to James Bond, which was not the much-hoped-for reunion of all six men to play the super spy, but a fairly forgettable montage (followed, at least, by an awesome Shirley Bassey performance). It shouldn't be that hard to make a spectacular montage in honor of Bond, but somehow the Oscars bungled it-- which is why we're giving the job to someone else.

Film student Kees van Dijkhuizen Jr. (via The Playlist) didn't just put together a superior montage, but he set it to Adele's spectacular "Skyfall," a surefire way to make anything better. Take a look at the montage below:

The super-cinematic music of "Skyfall" suits every shot in here, and almost sounds like it could have accompanied the original scenes. And I love it when people cutting montage go through the effort of linking scenes with visual similarities, like the many shots of people underwater across various films. You could probably make 10 different incredible looking montages with all the visual pop the Bond films have given us over the years, but I appreciate the restraint of this one-- you only need the length of an Adele song to prove why this franchise has been enduring for 50 years.

If you missed Adele's live performance of the song at the Oscars on Sunday, you can catch up with it here. And to rewatch the entire awards ceremony, the Bond tribute included, you can click over to Hulu (opens in new tab) and watch the whole thing over again from the beginning.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend