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Jennifer Aniston isn’t mean. Her character in the comedy sequel Horrible Bosses 2 isn’t mean. And yet, this prank that Aniston pulls on an unsuspecting BBC Radio 1 journalist while promoting Sean Anders’ new comedy is cold. Cruel. Horrible. Give it a watch.

Jennifer Aniston, as you can tell, is coaxed into playing along with the prank. She is given a "trigger question" – a safe word, so to speak – that gives her permission to make the poor interviewer squirm. And to her credit, she doesn’t let him really have it. She pretends that his questions are inappropriate, and they are, to a certain extent. However, this is a movie where Aniston plays a sex-crazed dentist who encourages Jason Bateman to poop on her, so is anything really off limits here?

As someone lucky enough to participate in the junket circuit, I can tell you that this is a nightmare scenario. If you treat this gig with any form of, professionalism, you fret over every question that you ask – and you play out in your brain how answers can go right… and how they can go wrong. Sometimes, the talent happily plays along:

And sometimes, they backfire horribly. For real, though. Not as a prank.

So yeah, this is cringeworthy. And Jennifer Aniston is so incredibly mean to have played along with the prank But at least at the end of it, you can breathe a sigh of relief and realize that she was kidding, and she isn’t a Horrible Boss, in real life. Her movie opens in theaters today. It’s totally worth your time.