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It may be the biggest movie of the year, and be the third highest grossing film of all time with a $1.6 billion haul, but that doesn’t mean Jurassic World isn’t without rather sizable, glaring flaws. And in case you missed any of them when you saw the dinosaur adventure in the theater, there’s a new Honest Trailer to set you straight.

Now that Jurassic World is available for public consumption—you can buy it digitally, or wait for the Blu-ray to drop next week—you knew this was coming, and the folks over at Screen Junkies are here with their take on the mega blockbuster.

There are, admittedly, a number of very big flaws in Jurassic World, which makes this a little like shooting fish in the proverbial barrel. They take shots at things like the ubiquitous product placement that is in seemingly every last shot of the movie, and the way that security appears to be super lax, despite three movies worth of dinosaurs escaping and wreaking havoc on unsuspecting characters. You’d think they would have done something about that over the last few decades, but here we are—it’s not as entertaining if the dinosaurs don’t get out.

Of course, they also take aim at some of the more insane elements, like how Vincent D’Onofrio’s character has a plan that is shockingly similar to one of Doctor Evil’s. Sure, he doesn’t want to strap lasers to Velociraptors, but his plan to send them at the enemy in war zones is on at least a similar level.

They do also point out that Jurassic World is the best Jurassic Park sequel ever made, though they also note that the competition for that title isn’t exactly the greatest.

Though there are a lot of problems, plot holes, and issues with Jurassic World, it’s still a pretty good time, and if you’re just interested in watching dinosaurs rampage through a group of sunburned tourists, this is the movie you’re looking for. Even focused on the negative as it is, this video still admits that the T-Rex, Indominus Rex, Velociraptor fight is totally awesome. And maybe it is the most expensive Syfy channel movie ever made, but there’s a reason those movies are popular, people like to see crazy shit happen, and Jurassic World certainly delivers big time on that front.

Because Jurassic World hasn’t already made enough money, it’s now available digitally and on VOD, and hits Blu-ray on October 20.

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