Watch Lindsay Lohan Relive Her Parent Trap Days With Cute Dubsmash

There’s nothing quite like nostalgia. As we get older, we reminisce on days gone by and long for the simpler times in our lives. It’s a phenomenon that even the rich and famous go through. Lindsay Lohan recently seemed a little nostalgic for her days as the child star the hit 1998 film The Parent Trap, and as a result we now have one of the cutest Dubsmashes in recent memory. Check it out below.

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Lindsay Lohan posted the above video to her Instagram profile using the Dubsmash app – which allows users to lip sync iconic songs and bits of dialogue from famous movies. Looking straight into the camera, the actress mouths the words, "Actually, we're all quite fine in here, unless Hallie Parker knows something we don't know," as the voice of her younger self chimes in from the mobile app.

Although Lindsay Lohan has experienced her fair share of career low points over the last few years, anyone who grew up in the 1990s will remember The Parent Trap as a fundamental part of his or her childhood. A remake of the original 1961 film, The Parent Trap sees Lohan star as long-lost twin sisters Hallie Parker and Annie James as they become acquainted at summer camp. Realizing their single parents were once a couple, the two girls cook up a scheme to switch places with one another and try to get their parents back together. The film served as the launch pad for Lindsay Lohan’s eventual superstardom, paving the way for roles in movies like Mean Girls and Freaky Friday – until her eventual career implosion due to excessive substance use and reckless behavior.

The former child star clearly has a soft spot in her heart for her younger years as an up-and-coming actress. She also commemorated St. Patrick’s Day by posting a photo of herself from the 1998 film in all of her Irish glory. Check it out below to see for yourself:

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While Lindsay Lohan’s career may have seen better days, we’re glad that she seems to look back fondly on them. The Parent Trap is an absolute classic, and a reminder that Lohan became famous for a very real reason. Despite some of her highly public missteps over the years, she has a distinct talent as an actress. Here's hoping she'll be able to rebound and use those talents once again in the future.

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