Lindsay Lohan Planning A Run For President

In a world where a Donald Trump presidential campaign has become a generally accepted part of life, where do we go from here? What could possibly happen to shock and otherwise baffle the American voting populace? Lohan 2020, that’s what.

On Friday, actress Lindsay Lohan posted a photo to her Instagram account declaring that she is now exploring the possibility of a presidential run during the 2020 election.

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She thanks Barack Obama and Kanye West – who similarly declared he would run in the next election – for continually inspiring her. In her follow up post, she asserted that if elected, her first course of action would be to take care of all the suffering children in the world. No plan was provided as to how she would go about doing such a thing, but she explained that Queen Elizabeth showed her how to do so when Lohan visited the United Kingdom. We could make a snide remark about a presidential candidate taking advice from a monarch, but we’re better than that.

Her announcement has incited a wide variety of responses from all over the Internet. Some people have gotten behind her and wholeheartedly supported the decision, others have questioned whether or not she’s joking around, while some of the rest have no sense of humor and have shown quite a bit of anger at the possibility of a Lohan presidency. Perhaps one of the most humorous responses came in the form of one Instagram user praying for a progressive, lenient stance on national drug use – which would make sense.

Lohan has yet to confirm whether or not she’s serious about her intention to run, but admit it, you’re all hoping it’s true. Perhaps only one question remains regarding a Lindsay Lohan presidential campaign: since Mean Girls’ Cady Heron was from Africa, will anyone ask for her birth certificate?

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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