Watch Nicolas Cage Survive The Rapture In The Left Behind Teaser

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Admit it, your Fridays usually stall out right about now, in the dead zone between lunch and going home. It's that last day before the glorious weekend, and as always you need a little something to push you through the hump. And lo, like a bull in a china shop of crazy, Nicolas Cage has arrived to give you the boost that you need. The patron saint of cinematic insanity himself has come back with another project he's probably writing off on next year's tax return: the remake of Left Behind

The film's official Facebook page dropped the first teaser trailer for the faith-based thriller, based off of the best selling series of books originally made into a trilogy of films at the beginning of last decade. The story basically centers around those "left behind" after The Rapture occurs, leaving those deemed unworthy to fight it out with the Antichrist in a battle for redemption on a global scale. While the original films starred Kirk Cameron, the producers have realized that we as a society have grown out of Kirk Cameron's brand of crazy. In this modern day and age, we need something much stronger: we need "The Rage Of Cage."

Which is sad, considering very little of that rage is on display here. Obviously this is only a teaser, but the only real fragments of Left Behind's story this trailer gives us is that The Rapture happens, things are going to get wrecked, and Nicolas Cage was trusted to fly a plane during this sort of period of crisis. Seriously? Nicolas Cage... in charge of a plane? Are we expecting this to go off without a hitch, because the only other time I can remember him being in command of a plane, it didn't work out that well for all involved. (This awesome clip is ridiculously NSFW.)

No, that wasn't a random Face/Off flashback, that clip was included to prove a point. That point being that whoever cut this Left Behind trailer was obviously a Nicolas Cage fan, particularly of his work in that John Woo directed thriller of 1997. His character's sunglasses, the fact that he's a pilot, even the shot of the carousel in the beginning of the trailer... all probably tips of the cap to a film that ranks up there on the top 10 films of Mr. Cage's entire career. Not to mention, he's in practically the whole trailer of what's supposed to be an ensemble drama, even when someone else's story is being set up. Nevermind a young woman's struggle with faith, or a reporter's cashing in on the scoop of the century, Nicolas Cage knows we want answers – and damnit, so does he!

Left Behind is a movie that looks like it's destined to burn like everyone who survived The Rapture. It doesn't look particularly interesting, and even the marketing people can recognize that. Which is why I suggest that the producers re-cut the film similar to how they cut this trailer. This movie needs to become all about Nicolas Cage. The producers need to accept their lead actor as their cinematic lord and savior, and they need to (dramatic pause) GET IN THE CAGE!

Left Behind raptures its way to audiences on October 3rd.

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