Watch Samuel L. Jackson Repeatedly Drop The Mother Of All Curse Words In This Superb Supercut

I mother-think it goes without mother-saying that this mother-video is NSFW.

It’s hard not to have a rock solid opinion about Samuel L. Jackson. There is absolute fandom, or there is absolute unfandom; the middle ground is as absent as Mace Windu’s hand. A lot of that comes from the kinds of films that Jackson stars in, which are generally features where the term "motherfucker" can be thrown around willy nilly, and there’s usually a dead body or twelve involved. (His foul mouth is noticeably absent from his Nick Fury appearances and films like Jurassic Park and The Incredibles, but just imagine the possibilities.) As such, the above video will either appeal to you immensely, or it will offend you. And if you clicked on this video knowing that it would offend you, you some kinda dumb motherfucker.

Sorry. None of you are dumb motherfuckers. I got caught up in the moment.

Samuel l. Jackson

The compilation kings at Huffington Post Movie Mashups put together this stellar collection of well over 150 instances of Jackson uttering and screaming "motherfucker" over the span of his often illustrious career. He first found fame in the late 1980s, and it’s hard to think of a two-year span that’s gone by without Jackson taking up big screens everywhere, calling somebody a motherfucker.

The video starts off with his small role in Spike Lee’s School Daze, ends with his blasphemously bleeped curse in RoboCop, and obviously spends a sizable chunk of the runtime on his work in Quentin Tarentino’s films. And then there’s that bad mothe…Shaft, plus The Long Kiss Goodnight, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Rules of Engagement and many more. Oldboy inevitably shows up, but we’ll forgive HuffPost for being completists here.

Last month, Jackson recited his Pulp Fiction speech from memory for The Graham Norton Show, proving the timelessness of that performance. I wonder what magical Samuel L. Jackson video we’ll get next month. An audio-only sequel to Adam Mansbach’s Go the Fuck to Sleep? One can dream.

For those who want a video with a little more variety to the swearing, mashup maestro Avaryl Halley put together a montage of children cursing in movies. Classics abound!

Kids Cursing In Movies Mashup from Avaryl Halley on Vimeo.

For more Sam Jackson goodness, Tarantino recently confirmed he was once again going to make The Hateful Eight an upcoming project, so you can expect the 2017 version of the top montage is going to be at least 45 seconds longer.

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