Watch Superman Push Batman Around In New Batman v Superman Clip

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a film that tries to answer the age old question: who would win in the ultimate battle of heroes? If this latest look at the confrontation has anything to say, it's that Batman will definitely have his work cut out for him when it comes to fighting the Man of Steel. Check out the latest TV spot for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice below.

Comic reported on yet another look at Zack Snyder's comic book extravaganza, and this is a real big indication of Superman's powers against Batman. While it's always been known that the last son of Krypton was always a superpowered superior to the great detective of Gotham, the previews have been pretty even handed in showing both taking as good as they've gotten on the battlefield. Until this clip came along, and totally handed Batman's ass to him.

If you skip to 00:24 of this Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice TV spot, you'll see the moment in question. While it's a short moment, it's indeed a powerful one, as all Superman has to do is patiently push Batman with his super strength, and it's enough for Bruce Wayne's armor clad alter-ego to go tumbling. As much of a challenging battle it will be between the two titans of the DC Comics' canon, we all know who has the actual super power in this exchange. As he's said in past trailers, if Superman wanted Batman dead, he'd have already done it by now.

Of course, Batman isn't the easiest opponent for Superman to defeat, as he makes up for his lack in otherworldly power by being one of the greatest technical and deductive minds of the DC Universe. Not only has Bruce Wayne shown that his new gauntlets have the ability to block Superman's fists from landing, but the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice TV spot also shows the now infamous shot of Batman using his grappling hook to evade Superman's laser vision, proving his reaction time is good enough to keep up with Supes' massive attacks.

Batman versus Superman is an age-old fight that may never have a definitive answer. Both heroes are just too good at their jobs to simply be defeated by the other. So either dirty tricks, or a real good partner seem to be the only way to really break this fight up for good... though, thankfully, with the Justice League on the horizon, the two won't have to be at odds forever. Though come to think of it, could Wonder Woman somehow wipe the floor with the both of them, and become the hero victorious? That's something you can think about as you wait for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to arrive in theaters, with showings as early as this Thursday night.

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