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Iron Man and Thor face off, and it’s so much cuter than you would ever expect! That’s right, Tiny Thor interviews The Avengers: Age of Ultron actor in a brief clip that is sure to make you smile. Take a look at the video that Robert Downey, Jr. tweeted.

In the shortest interview that Robert Downey, Jr. will probably ever do for the promotion of the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, the actor is given two questions from a Tiny Thor impersonator. Luckily, the experienced actor, who no doubt has had his share of interesting interviews leading up to the highly anticipated Avengers sequel, was quick on his feet and seemingly well prepared for whatever was thrown his way by the tiny Asgardian.

RDJ didn’t bat an eye when asked the first question: "Is there any Iron Man pose?" which required the actor to briefly go into character. He didn’t hesitate for one second, immediately obliging his young interviewer with a dramatic response by giving his best impromptu imitation of Iron Man poses. For a minute there, it almost seemed as if RDJ was about to laugh, but he doesn’t. Tiny Thor, however, remained super composed as RDJ dove into a theatrical performance right before his very eyes. A true professional, Tiny Thor was.

The second question, on the other hand, required The Avengers star to delve into the mindset of his character, Iron Man, to recall his specific favorite foods. For his answer, RDJ solicited assistance from his interviewer, asking him to recall an occasion in which the two of them, Iron Man and Thor, shared "many a fine meal together." Again, the tiny Asgardian maintained his composure and didn’t break character. RDJ continued and went on to recant that Thor would opt for the "lighter fare" like trout, before concluding the video with a mention of them sharing meal with bison. Tiny Thor never hesitates to agree with The Avengers star as the hilarious video comes to an abrupt ending. I know, just when you wanted more!
You have to give Tiny Thor props for maintaining his composure throughout the short interview, despite Robert Downey, Jr. seemingly trying to get him to laugh. Clearly, the young Avengers fan may have a future in journalism; that is unless he’s recruited to join The Avengers. Then again, we don’t how the rest of the gang would feel about adding Tiny Thor into the mix; especially RDJ’s Avengers co-star Chris Hemsworth, who portrays the Asgardian in the film series. Would love to see the video of his reaction to it all.

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