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This year’s Superbowl is shaping up to be one of the biggest ever… for commercials that is. I assume some sort of game will be played as well. But what you need to know is that in between all the sports could be a lot of really fun stuff, like this Superbowl ad for Chevy in which Transformers’ Bumblebee goes on a rampage during a cheesy car dealership commercial.

GM will have eight spots airing during the Superbowl, but it’s hard to imagine any of the other seven being as much fun as this one. Watch:

Fun though the ad is, it is a little strange to see one of the “heroic” Autobots basically murdering people. It’s one thing to punch an evil robot in the head but it’s somewhat jarring to watch Bumblebee fling a human to his death simply for attempting to scratch his paint. Never mess with a Chevy dude.

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