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Watch The Warriors Actors Reunite For One Final Subway Ride Home

It’s been 36 years since The Warriors hit theaters and became an iconic cult classic. The film followed a wrongfully accused gang from Coney Island as they made their way through various hostile neighborhoods of New York. Now, some of the original members of the cast have reunited for one last subway ride. Check the video of their heartwarming reunion below.

Produced by Rolling Stone, the video shows the actors Michael Beck (Swan), David Harris (Cochise), Terry Michos (Vermin), Dorsey Wright (Cleon), and Thomas G. Waites (Fox) assembling in their full Warriors garb. The men have lost a step in their old age, no longer sprinting through the stations as they did in the movie. The subways themselves play an integral role in the reunion, as the entire film revolves around the gang trying to make it from train to train in an effort to evade the cops and rival gangs as they are hunted for a crime they did not commit. While they ride, various New Yorkers recognize them instantly. By the time they arrive on their home turf of Coney Island, they are greeted to a hero’s welcome, with numerous fans waiting for them. The video explains that the movie inspired several real life "gangs," who really amount to nothing more than well-meaning fans with an undying love for The Warriors.

The Warriors has maintained a fairly prominent cultural presence over the last few decades. Loosely based upon Xenophon's "Anabasis," the film created a mythology -- not unlike John Wick -- of its own has a quality that transcends the trappings of its 1970’s setting. Every gang featured in the film had a distinct style and level of threat – with The Baseball Furies easily standing out as a fan favorite. It all possesses a sort of noir-disco, dystopian sensibility that makes it feel stylish and nostalgic, while timeless at the same time. Numerous scenes from the film have become iconic since its release, and parodied regularly – such as the famous line "Warriors, come out and play!" Ten years ago, Rockstar released a – wholly underrated – video game tie-in to the film that introduced a whole new generation to The Warriors. A remake helmed by the late Tony Scott was at one point considered, but has yet to come to fruition -- fingers crossed that it could still happen.

Despite the popularity of the film, very few of the original Warriors went on to do much else in mainstream cinema. Actor James Remar – who portrayed the cocky, and angry Ajax – arguably went on to have the most prolific career as an actor in several B-movies and television series over the last few decades. He did not make it for the reunion, however.

The film has become a quintessential "New York" movie in the years since its release, and will likely remain so for years to come. The actors who portrayed The Warriors may be getting older, but they will forever live in the frames of such an iconic cult classic. The Warriors is available for stream on Netflix, if you haven't checked it out.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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