Watch The Wolf Of Wall Street Sing System Of A Down In This Epic Video

Some mash-up clips combine two pop-culture entities to such a beautiful extent that they actually elevate them. And that’s exactly what Marca Blanca’s combination of System Of A Down’s 2001 track Chop Suey and Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street does. Don’t believe me? Check it out below. It’s a wonderful way to spend 30 seconds of your day.

God bless the internet. There’s something delightfully tribalistic about both the heavy metal track and Marty’s ode to capitalism gone sour that means they perfectly entwine together. Of course Leonardo DiCaprio, who played Jordan Belfort in the 2013 drama, takes center stage as his whelping and barbaric screams to encourage his Wall Street troops makes them all look like a hoard of gorillas preparing for war.

The clip manages to make Leo look as if he’s screaming System Of A Down lead singer Serj Tankian's lyrics, all while Scorsese’s camera twirls around the gaggle of his employees who respond by jumping and whooping. However the best bit of the clip comes in the form of Leo dropping some of the infamous dance moves that he displayed in The Wolf Of Wall Street all to the backing sound of Chop Suey’s thrashing guitars and drums, before concluding with Belfort beating his chest with his fists while lying on top of Jonah Hill’s Donnie Azoff, and then finally waking up in a drug-addled stupor on his sofa. Simply put, it’s sublime.

For those of you who haven’t actually seen The Wolf Of Wall Street though, basically it’s a three-hour orgy of sex, drugs, money and ego that sees Scorsese having the time of his life behind the camera and Leo going off the rails with his most mad-cap performance to date. It’s preposterously enjoyable, if not a tad too long. But the fact that it’s excess is its weakness is probably the point. It also features DiCaprio giving numerous speeches, each of which he delivers with passionate aplomb, that you can’t help but be inspired by. Even though what he’s actually saying in them is truly vile. You can watch one of his diatribes after the jump.

Just to warn you, it’s NSFW and is packed with extreme language. Other than that though, it’s awesome. Enjoy...

Gregory Wakeman